High Quality, Delicious Produce is Important to Us. Here's Why:

We Care
We care about the quality, taste, and benefits of locally available food, grown responsibly. It is important to us to make wholesome, nutritious food easily available and affordable for our community. We care to do our part and make a difference in our community.
Health Matters
We know first hand the impact that underlying health conditions can have on a family. We know how difficult it can be to source quality food. It is important to us to offer a variety of nutrient packed produce that tastes great and benefits what really matters in life: the health of our community.
Community Focus
We do more than sell produce; we build relationships with our community. It is important to us to build trust through transparent communication and help our community be better informed about the food options available. Every person in our community is an important extension to our family and we love sharing in their lives by sharing our passion.
Responsible, Sustainable
Being a producer comes with big responsibilities. It is important to us to cultivate safe produce in a responsible and sustainable manner that benefits our community and our planet. We source the highest quality organic or heirloom seed varieties available and we never use fertilizers or pesticides - not even the 'organic' ones.