Garrett Mondragon

Garrett Mondragon
Owner, Farmer, & Foodie
This is Garrett Mondragon, Owner, Farmer,
and Foodie at Tule Peak Farm.

His passion for agriculture began in childhood when he would infiltrate the landscapes of everyone around him with an abundance of plants. As an adult, he has amassed a personal collection of over 200 cultivars of cacti and succulents, as well as numerous varieties of annual and perennial plants (both edible and ornamental).

His professional life has included being a S.T.E.M. Educator, an Operations Manager, and a Merchandiser all the while longing to pursue a livelihood centered around working with plants. Since taking over the Farm in 2019, he has enjoyed sowing and growing full-time. He is excited to have finally transitioned to work in a role where he can embrace his passion for plants.

Another long-time passion for Garrett is food. Growing up in the melting pot of Riverside, California he developed a taste for a variety of dishes. Since being allowed to operate the stove, he has tried to replicate and enhance the dishes he grew up with. Always appreciating quality and flavor, he is eager to try new things and expand his culinary experiences.



Farm Dog
This little ray of sunshine is Nibbler.
She is not your average farm dog...

She will not fetch, she doesn't chase down coyotes. What she does (and does well) is take naps, checks on us frequently to ensure we are safe, and greets everyone like they are a long lost friend.


Her favorite time of day is when her family returns from their adventures at the Farmer's Market without her. This is typically when she is most excitable outside of dinner and bedtime.


Matt Albrant

Matt Albrant
Owner & Farm Hand
This is Matthew Albrant, Owner and Farmhand at Tule Peak Farm.

Matt grew up with interests ranging from wood and metal working to building computers. He loves to build solutions and is very apt in assembling the bigger picture into a solid, actionable vision. He has always pursued ways of expressing his creativity, design strategy, and problem solving skills which led him toward his current career path.

Matt went to college to study Computer Science where he was able to combine many of his skills and interests and has worked in Information Technology (I.T.) ever since. Being accustomed to detail work and problem solving, he is involved in all major projects and decisions at Tule Peak Farm. Matt assists in a number of capacities related to farm operations to ensure nothing is missed and that the Farm operates smoothly and efficiently.

During a trip to a botanical garden, Matt discovered his interest in plants when he saw banana plants in various stages of growth. He brings an unencumbered enthusiasm to introduce plants that are not always considered by his partner.