Our Microgreens


  • Small & Delicate
  • Mild flavor tasting very similar to raw broccoli
  • Suits itself well in smoothies, salads, sandwiches, etc


  • Small & Crisp
  • Very flavorful with the same kick as mature radish
  • Great for tacos, pozole, BBQ sandwiches, etc


  • Large & Crisp
  • Tastes like a mix of raw sunflower seeds and iceberg lettuce
  • Superb with citrus! Lends itself well to sautéing and snacking


  • Large with Crisp Stems and Delicate Leaves
  • Tastes like a pea pod in a vegetable tray, lending mild sweetness to any dish
  • Perfect for stir-fries, juicing, and an aesthetic aspect of plating


  • Mid-sized & Delicate
  • Mild flavor, similar to Romaine, ending on a slight sour note due to its oxalic acid content
  • Useful in anti-pastas, smoothies, & spring rolls


  • Small & Delicate
  • Has a subtle onion flavor similar to chives
  • Excellent for topping bratwurst sausages, burgers, soups, etc

Spicy Mustard Mix

  • Small & Delicate
  • A blend of cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, cauliflower, broccoli, arugula, & mustard
  • Great for adding a burst of flavor to salads, eggs/omelets, avocado toast, etc

Fava Bean

  • Large with Crisp Stems and Moderate Leaves
  • Flavor is rich & green to start, similar to spinach, which mellows to a refreshing bean sprout ending.
  • Can be utilized similar to spinach in any of your favorite recipes.


  • Small & Delicate
  • Tastes just like the cilantro we know & love but a touch more mild
  • Perfect for any south-west or Mexican style dish

Our Mushrooms

Grey Oyster

  • A traditional culinary mushroom
  • Taste & texture is reminiscent of the 'Button Mushrooms' familiar to most people
  • Delicious in any dish, raw or cooked. Picks up flavors when cooked with other seasonings

Lion's Mane

  • An unusual mushroom not commonly found in stores
  • Tastes like a fresh lobster! Works as a replacement for shellfish
  • Lends itself well to bisques, cream of mushroom soup, or simply seared in butter

Wine Cap

  • Tall and thin with caps that look as if they were dipped in red wine
  • Said to have an earthy, nutty flavor with mild hints of potatoes and Merlot
  • We're excited to try this new variety and update this with our take on flavor and uses based on our experiences